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The highest quality of experience in every BIT

We are a group of experienced developers with a passion for technology and creating software that meets the highest standards in every bit. We offer fast implementation time and attractive cooperation conditions
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What do we specialize in?

We are convinced that by offering the highest quality services we contribute to the development of your business

Software Product Development

We create personalized solutions customized to the needs of our clients. We have experience in developing CRM, ERP, SCM, EAM and many other projects

Cloud Solutions

Our developers have experience in using storage and cloud data management capabilities in various models

Mobile application development

We know how to create intuitive mobile applications of various types. We take care of every detail based on UI/UX standards, the highest efficiency and stability


The implementation of projects is based on an in-depth analysis of the market and the behavior of application users in order to create the most comfortable and intuitive design

Project management

We provide the highest efficiency in project management based on Agile&Scrum methodology

Machine learning

We provide solutions that allow you to use the possibilities of machine learning in an effective way contributing to the development of your business


We create CRM software that helps in the efficient and effective management of customer relationships. We also take care to customize them to the new regulations on the protection of personal data


We implement solutions using artificial intelligence, which are used, among others, in building and maintaining relationships with your clients


In each project we focus on perfection in every detail. Below are some of our projects


We do not recognize restrictions. We believe that thanks to modern technology, we can do great things!

Technologies that allow you to achieve the intended goal

The experience of our programmers in the use of various technologies and the ability to efficient project management are the main advantages of our team. We strive to achieve all the assumptions and satisfaction of our clients based on our knowledge and passion for programming

Meet our team

Our team consists of enthusiasts of programming art and creative thinking. Together, we ignite the motivation to implement projects at the highest level

Customers opinion

Working with BitHouse, I feel that they know my company's needs even before me. Their work ethic, attention to detail and competence mean that I do not have to worry about anything!

David Molover CTO at Solutions Developed

Customers opinion

I've been looking for a perfect team of developers for a long time to be able to realize my vision, I've come across BitHouse and I knew right away that they are professionals I will cooperate with fruitfully

Alice Osourne Development Manager

Customers opinion

Collaboration with BitHouse runs smoothly and understands the needs of my industry without unnecessary translation. With a clear conscience, I can recommend BitHouse as a team of professionals who provide services at the highest level!

Andrii Stakhov CEO ASTA.MOBI, CTO SizeCar, Business Coach

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Our main goal is to provide services at the highest level. We are convinced that nowadays technology helps in business development like never again

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Krakow, Poland

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