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+48 883 164 659 - Mr. Paul +48 575 425 862 - Mr. Viktor

What do we specialize in?

Recruiting and sourcing the best talents from Eastern Europe.
Our recruiters maintain internal DBs of a tested professional who are interested to join interesting projects

Build your own Development Team

Your brand. Your management. We handle engineering team building, leadership and project management

Team Building

We build new development teams to take end-to-end care of all the technology aspects of your business. We can extend your existing team with technology expertise you need

Project Management

Our Management team will ensure that your projects run on time and on budget. One of the members of our executive team will be assigned as a site-manager to help you effectively solve any questions

What do we offer?

Thus, the entire world of IT specialists is at your service, and a team of your dream is already at the doorstep! The team in Poland with the high skilled developers from Eastern Europe - Ukraine, Russia, Belarus

v Product knowledge

j Recruiting

h Daily communication

v Your own development center in Poland

Why us

BitHouse created a unique blend of different services that will help you succeed in any IT project
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Development Team Setup

We make sure that the hired experts have the skills required and business experience needed

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Expert Recruitment

Our recruitment partners have a solid technical background proving their ability to detect and attract the best employees

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CTO Guidance & Solution Architecture

Trusted guidance and strategic technical decision-making for all levels of product maturity

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Easy scaling

You may start building a development team from one employee and then consider expansion of your team by hiring additional developers

How can I start building a team with BitHouse?

  • 1 step
    • Understanding
    • Your requirements and needs
    • – Our first 15-minute Skype call

      – Tell us about your needs, concerns

      – What are the specifics of your business?

      – Confirm we have the expertise you need

  • 2 step
    • Designing
    • Your solution
    • – 60-minute Skype call

      – User stories & customer experience goals

      – What is a deadline, technical requirements?

      – It is usually also where we sign an NDA

      – Together, we set up the best solution to achieve your goals

  • 3 step
    • Building
    • Your team
    • – We send you a timeline and costs estimates

      – Project scope

      – Team suited your needs

      – Statement of Work

      – Your decision on the start date

Operating with you

Your project will be conducted and managed as defined. Two-way communication is key in geographically distributed projects. A local Team Leader supervises the team with a direct link to a point-of-contact appointed by you for daily issues to guarantee regular feedback on performance and prevent bottlenecks that may impact project accomplishment

Pawel Gronski

Co-founder | Chief Technology Officer

+48 883 164 659

Viktor Vilchinsky

CO-FOUNDER | Biz Dev | R&D Manager


Norbert Marek

HR Business Partner | Trainer&Consultant | Headhunter

+48 697 661 574

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    Our main goal is to provide services at the highest level. We are convinced that nowadays technology helps in business development like never again

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